Corner Chair 15

Designed in 1984 by visionary artist Donald Judd, the Corner Chair 15 (along with a bunch of other Judd creations) are now available online. Produced in 24 different colorways, the chair measures 75cm by 50cm by 50cm. Prices vary depending on the finish, but start at $6,900. Donald Judd furniture is on view at the Judd Foundation booth at Frieze New York this year.

Timothy Taylor at Frieze New York 2016

The UK-based gallery offers up a selection of international wonders

With the scope of art fairs like Frieze New Yorkwhich presently houses the work of over 1,000 artistsit can be easy to get lost in the dizzying displays or overwhelmed by the Instagrammable moments. Further, it’s easy to miss the subtle power of less ostentatious pieces. When exploring the myriad of gallery stands, the refined organization and depth of work at UK gallery Timothy Taylor‘s …

London’s Frieze Art Fair with Clay Ketter

A tour of the show, complete with insights from one of our favorite artists

This year Cool Hunting was fortunate enough to have the artist Clay Ketter as our companion at London’s Frieze Art Fair. Ketter is well known for his post-minimalist work that questions our relationship with everyday domestic objects through construction and fabrication techniques, and we have been fans of his for some time. His photo series “Gulf Coast Slabs“—which documented the destruction of homes after Hurricane …