Electric Guest: More (Franc Moody Remix)

With the original version to appear on the forthcoming album KIN by Electric Guest (aka Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton), this version of “More” is remixed by music collective Franc Moody (London-based Ned Franc and Jon Moody). The original is softer, more R&B- and pop-inflected, while this iteration boasts a disco beat, and crescendoes with a funky breakdown. Taccone’s vocals are afforded new energy in …

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beabadoobee: She Plays Bass Influenced by the ’90s and dedicated to her friend and her band’s bass player Eliana, London-based beabadoobee’s “She Plays Bass” doubles as both a wistful love song and an ode to a best friend. beabadoobee (aka Bea Kristi) is set to release her third EP Space Cadet in October, on which “She Plays Bass” will appear. And though the song is …

Havelock: Pheromones

London-based singer/songwriter Havelock has released a new bop inspired by the Neptunes and Justin Timberlake. “Pheromones” is a breezy, groovy tune that ebbs and flows in a delightfully laidback manner. Over an at-times thumping bass-line, plenty of synths and danceable percussion, Havelock’s vocals tell a story of science and desire: “Baby I’m drowning / lost in your pheromones,” he sings.