Ball Droppings

Somehow I missed this when it went around in the beginning of the year. Regardless, it's fantastic. BallDroppings, by Josh Nimoy, is a highly addictive musical play toy based on the simple principles of the original computer game, Pong. By drawing lines you manipulate where dropping balls bounce, and with every bounce a musical note is played. Be sure to check out for a …


Another fun ITP project! Pacmanhattan is a live-human Pac Man game played around Washington Square park. Ah the joys of Academia in the Spring… 11 May Update A few hysterical videos from the games and some press coverage, available here.

La Fraise

La Fraise is a Frenchie geek T-shirt shop with lots of cool designs featuring total tech-dork humor. There are some gaming and Japanese themed designs as well. $20 – 25 each. buy some now.