New Hologram Tech

Hitachi (Japan) announced that it has developed a holographic-like display called the Transpost, which allows 360 degree viewing of an object rendered in light without wearing any special glasses. The whole set up is about 6 feet tall and is reportedly being developed for use in shop displays and games. Transpost uses a combination of mirrors and light to create the image.


Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert have launched Dodgeball 3.0, a location based mobile messaging solution for New Yorkers. Dodgeball has three core features: Guide, Circles, and Scout. Guide is just for finding and rating places, Circles and Scout are much more interesting because they are community based. Circles is ìI am here. Where are you?î It gives you the mailing list pattern for location: group …


Nokia just announced a gaming device co-developed with Sega. N-Gage