Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Plant Parenthood

Ideas for green thumbs, plant killers, aspiring gardeners and anybody else who wants to be surrounded by lush, living and breathing plants

There’s nothing quite like a home garden—whether it’s on a vast estate with acres of redwoods, a courtyard with a blossoming jacaranda or in a tiny NYC apartment with a few monsteras. If you’re shopping for a green thumb who is creating, maintaining and enjoying their own personal jungle, our Plant Parenthood gift guide contains all kinds of ideas. From vases to propagation sets, seeds, tools, …

Spritzer All-In-One Watering Can

This retro-styled, multi-functional watering can is designed to provide solutions and simplify plant care. On one end, an extra-thin and long spout makes getting into hard-to-reach spots easy; on the other, a multipurpose head has three positions—spray, stream and off—to cater to various plants’ very different needs. Made from recycled plastic, this lightweight watering can condenses gardening tools into one clever vessel.

On the Necessity of Gardening: An ABC of Art, Botany and Cultivation

Edited by Laurie Cluitmans and published by Valiz, On the Necessity of Gardening explores gardening through social, cultural, political and historical perspectives. Organized as an abecedarium (a written work consisting of the letters of an alphabet, in order) the book traces the ways that gardens—once perceived in medieval times to be sites of paradise—became, by the 18th century, spaces of power and politics. This tale …