Rock + Mineral Jewelry

Alison Jean Cole cuts rocks and minerals by hand using old tools in her garage, grinding and polishing them into stunning jewelry pieces that showcase just a peek of the Earth’s beauty and history. Geologic formations on brass hooks have never looked so good.

The Roof at the Bottom of the World

A history of exploration in the world's most enigmatic range

One of the last remaining mysteries of the terrestrial world, the Transantarctic Mountains that abut the South Pole elicit the kind of exploratory giddiness typically reserved for 16th century seafarers. Scientist-explorer Edmund Stump has charted the courses of previous polar expeditions through this magnificent range, bringing to bear the trials of exploration from Clark Ross’ initial 1840 voyage to scientific missions of the late 20th …

Boudicca Couture

The English fashion label's earthquake-inspired Spring 2012 collection

In keeping with their commitment to the ongoing intermingling of fashion and art, British design duo Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby of Boudicca recently presented their Spring 2012 collection alongside a performance of Mike Figgis’ “Just Tell the Truth.” Continuing to evolve, the label still follows the artistic roots first planted in 1997, when they showed their collections exclusively in galleries. Boudicca worked with two …