Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Winter Playlist for COOL HUNTING

In celebration of her new album Overload, the talented artist selects 12 songs for us

Wildly talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Georgia Anne Muldrow oftentimes blends classic- and neo-soul, with jazz, hip-hop and more. Therein, she creates music that is more than satisfying; it feels nourishing. To celebrate her stunning new album Overload—released today on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder—Muldrow kindly created a playlist for COOL HUNTING.

Inspired by the onset of winter, Muldrow offered up a varied selection of tunes—by artists including Lootpack, Abbey Lincoln, Fats Waller and more—but says her own tracks “Overload” and “Aerosol” also conjure up feelings of the seasons changing. She tells us, of her new release, “At this point, I love playing live. Seeing the recorded songs take on a new life on stage keeps things super fresh!”

She adds, “I hope folks build up a whole lot of happiness, and courage in times like these—whether they listen to my record or not. Besides that, to the ethers it goes.”

Overload is out today, and Muldrow will be touring various cities in Europe early next month.

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