How to Make Friends with a Ghost

Intended for readers from four to eight years old, Rebecca Green’s aptly named How to Make Friends with a Ghost details the best technique for becoming pals with a spook. From making them their favorite treats (mud tarts and earwax truffles) to charming them with bedtime stories and serenades, there are plenty of useful tips. Along with whimsical illustrations, the book is sweet, funny and …

Ghost Candle Holder

Copenhagen’s Studio Arhoj are masters at combining minimal design with cute characters to create homewares you actually want on display. Spooky but sweet, their ghost candle-holders are hand-cast and glazed in transparent porcelain and add warm light to any room. (Note, they aren’t safe for kids because the porcelain gets super-hot if you leave a candle burning inside.) Price is in Euros.

Sad Ghost Socks

For those who like a little angst with their apparitions, Sara M Lyons’ sad ghost socks will be a great fit—for Halloween and beyond. The artist/designer’s signature crying ghouls adorn these pale blue knitted socks—made for all genders. Also available are the pale pink happy ghost version—no tears—for more smiley spirits.