MP3 Midwest

A Midwest photographic publication project featuring the work of three progressive photographers, each featured in their own separate volume: Kelli Connell (Double Life), Justin Newhall (Historical Marker) and Brian Ulrich(Copia). Striking and original images of Midwestern life as seen throught the lense of this exceptionally talented trio. Beautifully packaged. $30, Buy it at BASE

Peter Greenaway, The Early Films

"Peter Greenaway has the most inscrutable, brilliant and possibly deranged mind in modern cinema. Once you develop an interest in Greenaway it cannot stop." The Washington Post. We couldn't agree more! A perfect gift for the movie buff in your life, a 2 DVD set featuring Greenaway's early films inlcuding the full-length The Falls. "A true original with an eccentric and bizzare sense of humor." …

Camouflage Pattern Book

This collection of camouflage patterns features a royalty-free DVD that can be used for web pages, graphic design, 3D mapping, desktop wallpapers etc. The data is provided in both EPS and JPEG file format. 8.5in square. $49.95, Buy it at BASE