English Crystal Match Strike

What do you get the person whose matchbook collection is second to none? The elegant hand-blown English crystal match strike by veteran UK designer Lucy Cope provides the perfect answer—the contemporary glass globe is etched with vertical stripes in a luxe coffee color, with a place of honor for any bunch of matches, ready to strike.

Flask Angelic Bottle

When asked to describe his work with one word, LA-based glassblower Joe Cariati says, air. Free of intricate surface details or ornate etchings, Cariati’s style allows the medium speak for itself, especially in his set of glass decanters. Keen colors on impossibly thin, smoothly rounded vessels showcases the beauty of air, mixed with light.


New York's historic glass studio reopens in a renovated space, adding a gallery and storefront

BAM’s Harvey Theater now has a shiny new neighbor. Founded in 1977 by Richard Yelle and Joe Upham, the New York Experimental Glass Workshop—the country’s first open-access glass studio—has bounced around from its original Great Jones Street location in Manhattan to several other locales before settling down in downtown Brooklyn in 1991. Along with the move came a new name that was a little easier …