GM Double Zip Up Tote Bag

Perfect for those who enjoy a little more organization, Oakland-based Good Mother Gallery’s zip-up tote bag features a double compartment for easier arranging. Made from non-fading and non-toxic heavyweight canvas, the bag measures around 14 by 13 inches and has been adorned with the Good Mother Gallery logo. The straps are also adjustable to suit all sizes.

Planet GM Crewneck Sweatshirt

Oakland’s Good Mother Gallery has a vast online shop for those unable to visit in real life. One of our favorite products, their Planet GM crewneck sweatshirt comes in six colorways (and there’s a T-shirt option too). Underneath an intentionally misshapen representation of Earth, small text refers to the destination as “the planet’s best ‘art gallery.’” Available in size small to 5XL, the pre-shrunk sweatshirt …