123klan is a graffiti crew based in Northern France. Evolving over the last 10 years, their style combines traditional graffiti with vector graphics to create some pretty hot installations. They also are guns for hire– offering print and identity work. When you check out their site, be sure to view the gorgeous little intro.

Logo Jungle

Active Endeavors created this cute logo collage for their most recent email update. Here's a guide to which brands the logos represent, all of which are for sale at Active Endeavors: The Tiger: Le Tigre The Terriers: Juicy Couture The Elephant: Trunk LTD The Palm Trees: Camp Beverly Hills The Sun: C&C California The Penguin: Penguin The Ants: Ant TELL THEM I SENT YOU AND …

Coat of Arms

happypets is an experimental lab in the creative, graphic design, image and illustration domain, based in lausanne, switzerland. They have created a fantastic collection of illustrations printed on flags, fashion and paper. They fuse stencil art, pixels and vectors to create a set of images which can be seen as modern day regal emblems.