Upcoming Graphic Novel About Frida Kahlo

Illustrated by Vanna Vinci, the new graphic novel “Frida Kahlo: The Story Of Her Life” endeavors to illuminate her ups, downs, passions and immense talent. The story is set to be part fact and part fiction, and while the Mexican artist has been the subject of countless films, books, and more, this is the first graphic novel. Take a look at DazedDigital for preview imagery.

101 Artists To Listen To Before You Die

Spanish illustrator Ricardo Cavolo's personal music diary bursts with color and passion

While listicles can sometimes feel like lazy writing, the book “101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die” from Spanish illustrator and music lover Ricardo Cavolo is anything but. Inside, he dedicates two pages to each artist who has had an impact on his life. On the left, Cavolo hand writes anecdotes and entangled thoughts on why he admires them; on the adjoining page lies …

Nina Bunjevac’s Graphic Novel Memoir, Fatherland

A harrowing, beautifully illustrated non-fiction account of the author's lost father

Following a descent into fanaticism and an ultra-nationalist movement aiming to take down the Communist Yugoslav government, the father of author and illustrator Nina Bunjevic accidentally killed himself while attempting to make a bomb in his own garage, while on exile in Canada. This highly personal story, told with sharp perspective among striking black and white drawings, forms the core of “Fatherland“—a new graphic novel …