Mother Earth’s Plantasia

Mother Earth’s Plantasia, originally released in 1976 by beloved composer/songwriter and electronic music pioneer Mort Garson, is a wildly sought-after record—having only been available in very limited numbers at LA’s Mother Earth store (with a purchase of a house plant) and at Sears. The album was composed on a Moog synthesizer with plants as the intended audience. Now, Sacred Bones Records is reissuing the cult …

Quick and Easy Microgreens With Hamama’s Home Gardening Kit

A foolproof system that requires very little labor

As microgreens, the garnish once reserved for restaurant tasting menus, make their way to café ubiquity, it turns out they’re very easy to grow at home. The small shoots don’t need too much space, light, or even time—just some water and a growing medium. Making microgreen-growing further foolproof is Hamama, a new San Francisco-based start-up founded by two MIT students, that offers a kit for …

Self-Watering Pots

Available in three sizes, these self-watering pots make sure your plants are getting just the right amount of water—even when you’re not around. Simply fill the reservoir beneath the terra cotta planter with water, and your plants can access it as they need; absorbing it through the permeable material. Brilliant for those heading out of town, or notorious plant-killers.