Field Good Trowel

Rikumo’s Field Good Trowel is ergonomic, lightweight and sturdy—thanks to its clever design and tough polyurethane-coated steel. Also available in white, black or gold, each piece is crafted in Niigata (in Japan’s Chūbu region), which is known for its metalworking history.

Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery

Emma Sibley’s Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery is quite literally a little book packed with inspiration for plant-enthusiasts—especially those attempting to create a garden in a small space. With a breakdown of 60 popular plants, Sibley explains how to care for them and and includes notes on what to expect—height, growth, flowering, and more.

VIVO Walls’ Plant Holders

Wood and steel meet repurposed glass liquor bottles in these functional art pieces

Philadelphia-based videographer/photographer Rocco Avallone often has his lens focused on musicians. His documentary collective Out of Town Films has traveled the world to capture live sets, often in intimate spaces, from indie bands. When away from the camera, however, he makes striking, useful sculptures of wood, glass, steel and plants. The industrial design grad started sketching ideas for vertical planters when he ran out of …