Wally Eco Brick Red Wall Planter

Composed of BPA-free plastic drawn entirely from recycled milk jugs, WallyGro’s Wally Eco Vertical Garden Wall Planter mounts to walls with an easy-to-affix bracket (included). It holds roughly 15 cups of soil and one six-inch plant—and can be paired with other vertical garden planters. This iteration comes in many colors, though our choice is Brick Red (aka Pantone 491 C).

Four Flora Books

You don't have to be a green thumb to appreciate these works of verdant dedication

Whether you’re in the depths of a dreary winter, or enjoying the spoils of summer, any season is the right season to enjoy a little Mother Nature. While trickier in the colder months, one solution is devouring plant books (especially if you’re a serial plant killer who can’t keep a succulent alive indoors). On a mission to cure our winter blues, we searched for a …

“All My Plants Are Dead” Tote

Purveyors of goods for the introverted, cynical or sad, Stay Home Club joined forces with artist Kaye Blegvad for the tragically sweet “All My Plants Are Dead” tote bag. Made in the USA and screen-printed in Montreal, the bag is big at 18 by 18 inches (with a six-inch gusset) so it’s big enough for all your gym gear, groceries—or even new unsuspecting plants. Purveyors …