“I Didn’t Miss You” Card

New York-based artist Julia Pott draws, in her words, “aggressively cute” illustrations and her greeting cards are no exception. If being brutality honest is your vibe, Pott’s oddly sweet “I didn’t miss you but I’m glad you’re back” card (which is blank inside) might be for you. Perhaps only to be used on rare occasions by a niche group, it’s a card that we certainly …

Best Buds Postcards

Send your 420-friendly love all over the world legally, with Sara M Lyons’ “Best Buds” postcards. Featuring a ladylike illustration akin to a nail salon neon, the postcards are printed on glossy cardstock for extra jazz, and the back is matte. They’re available in sets so you can share your chill vibes with five of your faves.

Georgia Perry’s Festive Designs

The Australian graphic artist's bright and bold creations truly bring the holiday cheer this season

Whatever the holidays mean to you—be it celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus, eating too much, or something else—Georgia Perry‘s delightfully colorful greeting cards do well to match the mood of the season. From geometric Christmas trees and rainbow-colored letters spelling out “LOVE” to more abstract leaf-inspired designs, the cards are super-playful and cheerful. Perry tells CH, “I love the holidays because it finally means you …