Universe Starlight Leggings

Hit the gym in style in Nualime’s gorgeous watercolor Universe Starlight Leggings. Made with NuaCompress fabric to help smooth and shape up your assets, these leggings will look great whether you’re running a marathon or just running errands.

Olivers Apparel

From the gym to the streets and anywhere in between, a versatile pair of shorts with burly construction to match

Balancing versatility with simplicity, San Francisco-based Olivers Apparel sets out to inject a bit of sophistication in the fit and styling of men’s athletic apparel. Their very first offering, the All Over Short combines the athletic capability of gym shorts with the aesthetics of casual streetwear. A blend of nylon and spandex gives the outer material four-way stretch, moisture-wicking capabilities and a burly, tough feel …

La Palestra

Frank Gehry designs a holistic health and fitness center tucked below NYC's Plaza Hotel

If one thinks of the body as a temple, the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and strong physique becomes a matter of good design. With integrative health at the core of its mission, La Palestra wellness centers have pioneered a special hybrid of proper medical care and fitness in upscale gyms built to reflect the indigenous elements of their respective locations. The latest outpost lands …