Picture Perfect Hair Masque

With deep-conditioning and bond-sealing, this hair mask leaves follicles feeling soft and hydrated. It is ideal for balmy summer days as it aims to make tresses silky and smooth—combating the frizz that comes with humid climates. Replenished with botanicals and butters, hair can then tackle many weather-related challenges.

Bibliothèque Hair Perfume

Thanks to notes of vanilla and peach, BYREDO’s Bibliothèque scent counters leather undertones with a rounded sweetness. One of the brand’s most popular candle fragrances, Bibliothèque is just now available in perfume and hair perfume—the latter of which creates a powdery and fresh feeling that continues throughout the day.

Winter Hair and Skincare Essentials

Eight products used to hydrate, nourish and protect during the colder months

All seasons require attention to skin and hair, but the winter months provide a certain type of duress. Colder air holds less moisture. Blasting indoor heat takes its toll. The results can be unsightly, more importantly they’re uncomfortable and could lead to long term damage. Prevention and maintenance are key (we hope you are slathering on the SPF every day of the year). Here are …