Perfect Putty

Founded by Cutler Brooklyn’s Tyson Kennedy—the hairdresser who doesn’t look like a hairdresser, maybe due to his other life as a rock musician—the Fatboy styling line started with this creamy homemade putty that he created for his own hair. A casual, effortless look comes easily, with equally nonchalant packaging. Fatboy has recently added a shampoo and conditioner set to their roster, too.

Hair Oils for All Genders

After a summer of sun and sea, nourish your tresses with these products

No matter your gender or hair type, there’s an oil out there for you. Chances are it’s also better for your tresses than several other products that offer short-term benefits, but in the long run end up building up on your hair and leaving it drab. Whether opting for coconut or argan oil, applying before shampoo or after, oils penetrate your hair (rather than simply …

Shine Pomade

In the same way they brought a thoughtful refresh to the barbershop concept, the folks at Rudy’s have done the same for hair products. Of their three pomades (which include a Clay and Matte option), we’ve been taken with the Shine finish. The medium hold provides enough support but the gentle formula washes out easily. This made-in-the-USA grooming item also handles all hair types and …