Peacock Feather Memento Mori

Across myriad religions and ancient myths, the peacock feather has always carried a positive symbolic meaning, especially that of renewal. Porcelain manufactory of the Bavarian crown, Nymphenburg, has incorporated the avian emblem into their works since the 1700s. Here the feather has been meticulously hand-painted onto a brilliant limited edition skull, which is signed by the artist.

Hand-Painted Peloton Figurines

Standing just five centimeters tall, these die-cast cycling figurines from London café and bike shop Look Mum No Hands! offer the perfect desk distraction for the dedicated cyclist. Coming in a pack of three in random colors and positions, the hand-painted figurines call to mind the days before carbon fiber when riders dined on wine and sausage instead of protein bars.

Wooden Candlestick Holders

Solid ID commits to offering objects with a story, both reimagined vintage pieces and handcrafted contemporary objects. These covetable wooden candle stands lend just the right amount of modern impression and tribal touch, and are hand-painted with designs exclusive to the dreamy home goods retailer. And, as an added bonus, they remind us a tiny bit of Charlie Brown, a character known to elicit heaps …