Bukvy Multi-Purpose Bags

A tote, backpack, laptop bag and handbag all in one from the Swedish design duo

“It started with an idea of the ultimate bag. One bag in many forms evolving as life does,” say Joanna Bark and Elena Ekström, founders of the Bukvy, whose multi-purpose bag doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. The two designers knew each other as children and used to dream up the ultimate survival bag. “It needed to flat, able to contain a milkshake, be usable in space and …

MYR Studio’s “Rain Series” Accessories

Crafted from Tärnsjö skins, Johanna Landis' handbags are at the forefront of contemporary Swedish leather goods

Most people would rather stay inside on a gloomy gray day; Swedish designer Johanna Landin, on the other hand, found her brilliant idea in the middle of a drizzle. Observing the patterns that rain makes as it falls on concrete, Landin discovered an aesthetic arrangement that would eventually become the driving concept behind her first-ever handbag collection. Using water-based leather dye, Landin hand-stains four different …

Bethany Weave Large Tote

Cole Haan’s oversized leather tote can pack in everything you need—with style. The woven exterior offers a sophisticated, textured feel, while the interior faille lining in blazer blue keeps any leaky contents from harming its sheen. All the hardware is a luxuriant 9K gold, but this tote is designed to be used, and useful.