The World’s Most Heat-Resistant Material Discovered

Engineers from Brown University have discovered a new material that’s so durable, it can survive at the center of Earth’s core. In fact, the substance—which is made from a combination of carbon, nitrogen and hafnium—has such a high melting point, it can withstand 7,460 degrees Fahrenheit—roughly two-thirds of the Sun’s surface temperature. Researchers discovered the compound through computer simulation and have yet to actually synthesize …

Glass Pot

A simple disruption in design—switching from steel to glass—turns an everyday cook pot into a thing of beauty. Forget the old adage, this a pot you’ll want to watch until it boils (and it will).

Spirit Ceramic Coated Frying Pan

Ceramic is steadily taking hold as the non-stick coating of choice. Free of chemicals found in traditional coatings, it’s the best way to cook eggs and fish without sticking. These work on all cooking surfaces, including induction, and unlike other pans with coatings these can be used on high heat and in the oven.