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Smart Garden 6


Designed for soil-free use, this hydroponic smart garden from Plantui can grow up to six plants at a time with autonomy and ease. The 18 lights tucked into the device’s lid fuel …

Potting Shed Creations

Culinary Herb Window Box


Everything needed to create a mini herb garden comes in this set from Potting Shed Creations. That includes a recycled US steel box, soil, organic seeds and instructions. An ideal gift for …

Happiness + Inspiration Ritual Kit


Whether or not you believe in the merits of burning sage or palo santo wood for their more mystical attributes, there’s something soothing about both scents—and a ritual-like repetition of use. J …



While the charm of designer Scott Henderson’s self-watering Eleplanter is undeniable, there’s more at play than a cute animal reference. The trunk of the elephant actually functions as a watering reservoir, holding …

Golden Snitch


Those tiny plastic baggies sadly let the whole world know you’ve got good weed. Stash the precious bud away from mooching roommates in this gorgeous California-made Golden Snitch orb, available at Sweetflag. …

Herbal Smoke Blend


Sourced directly from native people within Central and South America via sustainable trade, Anima Mundi Apothecary’s herbal blends, tonics and elixirs are made with love in NYC. They’ve made a special relaxing …

Garden-in-a-Bag: Organic Mint


Good things come in small packages, and Potting Shed Creations has plenty of them. Their Garden-in-a-Bag range—complete with seeds for everything from cat grass to dill, plus growing medium and coconut husks …