Made for Skate

While skateboarding's history has been well-documented, we've yet to see a published dedication to the sport's most essential piece of apparel, the skate shoe. "Made for Skate," a hefty archive of skateboard footwear, changes that with nearly 400 lavishly illustrated pages. The joint product of Fauxami and The Skateboard Museum of Stuttgart, Germany, "Made for Skate" features articles from the museum's extensive collection, along with …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: The World’s Largest Lemonade Stand

To honor the opening of the High Line, revelers enjoy lemonade from an iconic NYC water tank

by Rosenwach Tanks and gets a few words on it from fourth-generation owner Andy Rosenwach. The project celebrates the opening of the High Line, NYC’s newest beloved park, so we visit the festivities too and see the lemonade stand in action.

Black Tattoo Art: Modern Expressions Of The Tribal

Exploring the world of blackwork tattoos, a style dedicated to the singular use of black ink, the new book "Black Tattoo Art: Modern Expressions Of The Tribal" by tattoo zealot and expert Marisa Kakoulas traces the art's origins and scope. Never before written about in English, blackwork tattoos have their roots in indigenous designs, but today include a broad spectrum of styles—from simple to ornate, …