Amoeba Blanket

Musician Talia Leah (better known by the moniker Rodes Rollins) designed this 100% cotton blanket in her Brooklyn studio and shop, Clr. Bold and modern, the embroidered statement Amoeba Blanket will suit almost any space, given its black and oat color block, while the multi-colored contrast fringe adds a touch of levity to this piece.

Foolproof + High-Quality At-Home Coffee Kits

From Vietnamese traditions to an icon of design, these sets will elevate your morning brew

Whatever your skill level, a well-stocked coffee brewing set-up with freshly roasted high-quality beans will make drinking coffee at home easier and infinitely more pleasurable. Used in conjunction with a CH favorite roaster (like Sey Coffee, Cafe Grumpy, Devocion Coffee or Saint Frank Coffee) or your own pick, each of these coffee kits will elevate your morning caffeine fix. Some sets provide space-saving solutions and …

Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Bedroom Goods

From eucalyptus sheets to a chair made from plastic waste, items that are kinder to the planet

In the bedroom, perhaps more than anywhere else in the house, it’s crucial to use items that are not only comfortable, but contribute to our overall wellness. (It is, after all, an oft-repeated piece of trivia that we spend around 1/3 of our lives sleeping.) Being kinder to ourselves means using products that are non-toxic and as natural as possible—with added benefit to the environment. …