Segment Clock

The Segment Clock is handmade from birch wood by New Zealand-based independent designer Nikolai Sorensen. By dividing it into 12 geometric sections and painting a select few, Sorensen creates a clean yet statement-making timepiece that will brighten up any room. Because no numbers are inscribed, the clock can be rotated in any direction you choose, moving the position of the colored segment. The final part …


Upgrade your soil-dependent succulents to an air plant—the exotic-looking tillandsia only requires good air circulation, bright light and water to prosper. A stunning way to show them off is with the AirplantVessel, a sculptural vase that suspends the air plant and comes in wood, ceramic or powder coated steel in various sizes. The best part? With any purchase, the air plant is included.

10 Pairs of Sweats

From classic and drop crotch to sporty shorts and fleece robes, a new era of design-forward sweats has arrived

Whether you choose to recognize it or not, it’s happening—sweats are having a moment. From the cozy boy and goth-ninja menswear movements of seasons past to the tech-sweat-driven warm-up fashions of fall, sweats are now as likely to be seen in SoHo and on streetstyle blogs as with ice cream stains on a dorm room floor. To take a look at some of the many …