Bees That Make Honey from Marijuana Plants

A bee-whisperer nicknamed Nick Trainerbee (for obvious reasons) has successfully trained his army of bees to make honey from marijuana plants instead of flowers. The bees, unaffected by cannabinoids, can efficiently gather resin from various marijuana strains and convert it into a 100% all-natural weed honey—meant to be eaten rather than smoked. The sweet treat does retain the psychoactive elements of weed, although the THC …

Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Brooklyn’s MixedMade offers just two products: spicy maple syrup (Trees Knees, as they call it) and spicy honey. The latter is made in small batches using raw honey from Hudson Valley beekeepers and infusing chili peppers—and one large pepper gets suspended in every bottle. Drizzle it over pizza, pancakes, cocktails or ice cream for a sweet, heated kick.

Four Exotic Variations of Honey

From ghost pepper to macadamia nuts, alternative flavor profiles for the much loved sweetener

Honey complements a myriad of delectable dishes and drinks outside of the expected tea and toast. Its dynamic sweetness, syrupy thickness and versatility in the kitchen make options plentiful. Recently, we’ve tasted a handful of alternative honeys and found their application further spreadable. The following four options present distinct flavor profiles beyond traditional expectations—and for us, most of them were not only a surprise, but …