Hot Sauce Gift Set

Created by two orthopedic surgeons who have a passion for grilling, Bone Doctors’ Hot Pack gift set include Brazen Heat BBQ sauce with habanero and arbor peppers, Sweet & Spicy with peaches, honey, and cayenne, and their new Fire & Brimstone hot sauce with chilies and apple cider vinegar. This spicy set arrives packed in a wooden crate.

Winter Fancy Food Show 2014

Some savory, sweet and spicy standouts from San Francisco's massive specialty food show

Walking through the rows upon rows of exhibits at San Francisco’s Winter Fancy Food Show proved to be a herculean task. The goal of surveying as many products as possible was made easy with McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams ‘ new Eureka lemon flavor with Marionberry preserves, a St. George Single Malt Whiskey gelato bar by Naia and some stellar salumi by Olli. The massive gathering …

Hawt Sauce by Holloway Kitchen

London-based Telegramme spice it up with sumptuous packaging for the newly-released, small-batch condiment

Made from just 10 ingredients, Hawt Sauce is the result of a year’s experimentation and is the very first product to emerge from Adam Brooks’ start-up culinary enterprise, Holloway Kitchen. “It’s unusual in that it’s very thick, almost like a salsa,” he says. “The idea is that it’s more versatile than your average hot sauce—it’s just as at home topping burgers as it is stirred …