Frozen Peas Ice Cube Mould

Suck UK smartly looked at nature to devise the perfect ice ball-maker. Crafting a jumbo-sized pea-in-a-pod design, the designer’s Frozen Peas make it easy to squeeze out a giant ball of ice, which melts 80% slower than cubed ice, for cold, strong drinks.

Ice Sculpture

“Getting iced” takes on a whole new meaning when one of Okamoto Studio’s divine custom ice sculptures is involved. Flawlessly constructed and beautiful to behold, the temporal quality of this unexpected gift only adds to its physical and conceptual beauty. Crystalline, magical and as effervescent as it is evanescent, while the sculpture itself might melt away, the extreme impact of receiving something so sublimely beautiful …

Professional Ice Ball Maker

Professional Ice Ball Maker by Cocktail Kingdom

Even a simple pour of whiskey is enhanced by a perfect sphere of ice. Create your own at home with Cocktail Kingdom’s ice ball maker, which turns square cubes into slow-melting, two-inch balls of ice.