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Dizzying jazz, emotional indie-rock, tantalizing electronic music and more from the week

Yussef Dayes: Blackfriars “Blackfriars” by Yussef Dayes acts an introduction to the artist’s collection with Dutch apparel brand Patta and a new album on their label, Patta Soundsystem. The track, at just over two minutes, shows Dayes in his element. The innovative, East London-based jazz drummer crafts a dizzying, almost trance-like solo filled with ups, downs, intermittent stops and an infectious underlying rhythm. Here, it accompanies …

Michael Nau: How You’re So For Real

With languid, gentle soul filtering through summertime folk, “How You’re So For Real” marks a return for singer/songwriter Michael Nau. The track glows much like a sunny day from a memory, recalled through Nau’s light crooning. It will appear on Nau’s new album Some Twist, releasing 16 June, on Suicide Squeeze.

Shao Jean + Leyeux: Awaken

Composer, producer and musician Shao Jean has teamed up with singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Leyeux (aka Jack Snyder) for a sublime song called “Awaken.” The gentle tune ambles along with handclaps, layered vocals and a cadence that seems to switch up constantly but without jarring. It’s a textured, rich piece of indie-folk.