QuoTED 2015

Some of our favorite quotations from this year's conference

In our last five years of attending the conference, TED 2015 might have been the best yet. Now firmly settled in its new Vancouver, BC home, this year’s production was deep, meaningful and overall more simple than in years past. Performances were moving, but not shocking. Talks were grouped in a manner that kept us in a cohesive headspace throughout each session. And the flow …

Huck Magazine: Paddle Against The Flow

A selection of creative wisdom courtesy of some of today's foremost thinkers and doers from Sofia Coppola to Mark Gonzales

Drawing on its decade-long history covering a broad range of counterculture, London-based Huck Magazine recently took stock of the greatest nuggets of wisdom from leading wave-makers who have graced the publication’s pages. The result is “Paddle Against The Flow,” a 152-page hardcover packed with insightful and inspirational creative acumen from some of indie culture’s most influential figures. In a decade rife with economic insecurity, there’s …

Cartoonists Honor Charlie Hebdo

Following the tragic attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, illustrators all over the world came to the support of their peers with some doodles of their own. While some are new and some are reruns of older cartoons, all are incredibly relevant to the recent events. Demilked has rounded up 29 of these thoughtful, creative tributes.