Reel Bike Storage

Typographic Olympics, surfing Dubai, Twitter vending machines and more in our weekly look at the web

Hold your bread in a DIY bike basket from young Korean designers Yeongkeun Jeong and Aareum Jeong. Users can wrap the lengthy single nylon band in any cross-hatched pattern they choose to store anything from groceries to school books.

Designer’s Days in Paris

Innovation takes over the City of Light

The 12th edition of Designer’s Days decorated Paris inside and out last weekend. The celebration brought a varied bunch of innovative creations all over the city, involving a blend of venues and actors, famous design brands, exclusive creators, art schools, designers’ studios and workshops, embassies and outdoor installations. Every branch of design was part of the feast, including industrial design, interior decoration, homeware, furniture and …

The Principals

Beautiful analog expressions born from technology and craftsmanship

The trio of young men comprising Brooklyn-based design practice The Principals are a relatively motley crew. An architect, a metal fabricator and an industrial designer with a background in sculpture, the threesome connect over a shared interest in creating projects that explore the realm of building through a combination of modern technology and time-honored artistry. Their collective talents have led to a handsome portfolio of …