Blumen by Loop

Remember Blumen, uses electroluminescent display technology to create a decorative surface that reacts to its environment. The botanical pattern animates in a manner to suggest natural growth and is designed to be cut and constructed in a range of shapes and sizes.


Straight off the set of the Jetson's, Fireorb is a 3 foot wide steel fireplace that's suspended from the ceiling. Presumably all you need to do is put a hole in your roof and, poof you get a fireplace. Regardless, it's truly Cool Warmth as they describe it.

Erwin Hauer

In the 1950s Erwin Hauer designed and built architectural screens that perfectly complimented the furniture, interiors and structures of that era. He created simple patterns out of complex sculpture that simultaneously sooth and challenge the eye. Continuity and potential infinity have been at the very center of my sculpture from early on. I derived the notion of a continuous surface primarily from my studies of …