Modular stuffed animals to satisfy your inner Frankenstein

Kids can let their imaginations run wild playing with the recently released Clump-O-Lump stuffed animals, a zip-and-match menagerie of zany creatures invented by the little ones themselves. Created by an equally youthful and ambitious industrial design student, Max Knecht, the modular design allows for children to unzip each animal—the family includes squids, frogs, bumblebees and more—into three separate pieces to be mixed up with others …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Omni Heat Electric

A look at the innovation and process behind Columbia Sportswear's newest electrically heated outerwear

Presented by Columbia Sportswear

Given the opportunity to create a video with Columbia Sportswear we were excited to get a behind-the-scenes look at the innovation at the core of the brand’s philosophy. We took a trip out to Portland, Oregon and spent some time in the innovation lab at the west coast headquarters, watching how their new Omni-Heat Electric line is tested. We spoke with resident innovation guru Woody …