Blow Job Puzzle Card

I recently tried to track down a copy of Warhol's notorious 1964 film Blow Job to no avail. The 41-minute black and white film of a man's face ingeniously embodies whatever clever joke it is that Warhol seems to always be smirking about in photos. Second best to owning a copy is definitely this puzzle card that takes a still of the famed cigarette punchline …

Potty Mouth T-shirts for Kids

Sometimes Baby Gap just doesn't cut it… Potty Mouth t-shirts.

Le Lynx Titanium Vibrator

Calling all top secret pleasure agents… The Le Lynx Titanium Vibrator comes with 3 different attachments. Each has a different speed and texture to combat the most difficult foes. It comes in a chrome case with a velvet lining and a key to lock up! Oh, and it's also waterproof and dishwasher safe! via game girl advance