James Blake: If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead

James Blake has just released a new track—his first in two years. In “If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead,” Blake chops and distorts his voice while supported by minimal synths and a metronome-esque beat. Returning to his earlier, glitchy and manipulated style (circa his CMYK EP from 2010) this song is dark and beguiling.


Radiohead's puppet short, Janet in black and white, Princess Nokia's tomboy anthem and more in music this week

Radiohead: Burn the Witch A puppet man tours a picturesque village, full of other seemingly benign puppet people—but something strange is afoot. Soundtracking this miniature movie (an homage to the 1973 cult film “The Wicker Man,” except perhaps for its ending) is the new Radiohead song “Burn the Witch.” From the start, violins are bowed unconventionally to create an unsettling, bouncing texture, slowly building into …

James Blake: My Willing Heart

Pulling a Beyoncé? James Blake takes cue from his collaborator (having worked on two songs on Lemonade) and surprise drops The Colour in Anything. The 17-track album comes out of Blake, interestingly, opening himself up to collaboration as well. He calls Frank Ocean “a huge inspiration for this record” in a Pitchfork interview, and also works with Bon Iver, Connan Mockasin and Rick Rubin. The …