More Ooms-y Goodness

OOOMS design. He describes their production as a “change of value” that brings new life into an otherwise insignificant object. Intended primarily as a form of jewelry, these luxury pieces can be applied to clothing (or just about anything) with the help of your average stapler. See the results, as well as Ooms’s “Rebellious Cabinet,” after the jump. The "Rebellious Cabinet I" (pictured above right) …

Design Sponge DIY Contest

Grace over at Design Sponge is having a DIY Design Contest. If you're an independent designer who makes furniture, product, jewelry, graphics or anything else for that matter, send your stuff to Grace sometime in the next week. She'll be publishing the work of the winners on Monday 28 November. Details here.

Keyboard Jewlery

Someone raided the dumpsters for old broken keyboards and found a good use for them. This custom made keyboard jewelry is made from classic original keyboard and typewriter parts. The designer has made rings, earrings, buttons, and there is even a neat bracelet made of the +'s keys of what looks like an old type writer. Techie-retro flare. via Ektopia