Joshua Tree Coffee

A desert may seem an odd place to find high-end, small-batch coffee beans, but Joshua Tree native Royce Robertson is making just that. Fresh, Fair Trade beans are stored in custom-built, climate-controlled containers, then hand-roasted and immediately packed into resealable bags. The upshot is a delicious brew from a surprising source at an accessible price.

Rock + Mineral Jewelry

Alison Jean Cole cuts rocks and minerals by hand using old tools in her garage, grinding and polishing them into stunning jewelry pieces that showcase just a peek of the Earth’s beauty and history. Geologic formations on brass hooks have never looked so good.

Knit Merino Wool Hats from Rustic Threads

Super-soft, dip-dyed beanies made by hand in Joshua Tree

Inside a small boutique called The End, in the arid desert of Old Town Yucca Valley, CA, we stumbled upon some hats that beckoned to be touched and held. The hats are knitted by Taylor Elyse Compton, a Joshua Tree resident, who has a small studio called Rustic Threads. Compton sources 100% merino wool—softer and lighter than other wools, and without the itchiness—from Ohio, which …