Marangi Sisal Basket

Handmade in Kenya, Hedaya’s two-color marangi sisal baskets measure eight by six inches. They’re made by a small group of Kenyan women who have practiced basket weaving since their youth—learning a craft that’s been passed down for generations. These unique, natural, woven basins can function as planters, storage containers, catchalls and more. They come in six different vibrant colorways.

The 2020 Lexus Design Award’s Winner: Bell Tower’s “Open Source Communities”

The Kenya-based team's winning entry aims to empower communities

Launched in 2013, the Lexus Design Award celebrates innovations by emerging designers from all over the world. This year’s call to “Design for a Better Tomorrow” fielded responses from 79 countries. Finalists included proposals for a “breathing cloud,” a life jacket that can attach to others to form a raft, a sewing machine for the visually impaired, a portable body washer and more. The grand prix …

Best of CH 2019: Travel

From Bhutan to Budapest and Maasai Mara to Mexico, our most extraordinary adventures

As the Earth made its way around the sun, our team of staffers and contributors traversed the globe in search of inspiration and the stories that come from diverse, in-depth experiences. We are more conscious than ever of the traumas imparted on the environment by long-haul flights—and this has only made the travel we commit to all the more valuable as we aim to reduce …