The Snow Fox Digital Storybook App

An interactive children's book customized to each individual reader

Beyond the value on instilling a love of reading in children, bedtime stories also act as fondly remembered bonding moments. And while the world of the children’s books continues to be populated by vivid and heartwarming stories, there’s something very special about The Snow Fox—a book in app form. Developed by digital innovation agency AKQA, the story follows the reader. Listening as the reader speaks, …

Animals Are Delicious

By Dave Ladd and Stephanie Anderson, “Animals Are Delicious” isn’t as brutal as one might think. In fact, the kids’ book explains three of the longest food chains within the animal kingdom—in a bright and playful way. Each food chain (terrestrial, avian and aquatic—our favorite is the underwater iteration) is given its own tactile foldout, so kids can exercise several senses at once.

An Igloo on the Moon

Exploring the development of structures from early igloos to 3D-printing today, author David Jenkins has created an informative, visually stunning work on how and why we build things. While the narrative was crafted to appeal to younger minds, the topics of environmental awareness and sustainability, as well as artist Adrian Buckley’s illustrations certainly resonate with children of all ages.