Shockolate Vault Jar

First the ice cream lock, now the Shockolate Vault Jar, the latest gadget to keep you from indulging when you can't stop yourself. Place your contraband in the jar (cigarettes, candy, your significant other's Blackberry) and set the timer; attempted access prior to that results in a shock. Need to step it up a notch? Try these remote controlled shocking laser tag tanks Via Thrillist

Skull Sponge

Yeah, I hate washing-up too, but at least now we can indulge our skull-fetish while doing the dishes. $6 from Scandinavian Details. They also have heart-shaped ones, if you're a lover and not a fighter. via Crib Candy

Collapsible Kitchen Gadgets

With an increase in "essential" kitchen gadgets fighting for limited storage space and the anything that can be silicone, will be silicone mantra of designers, consumers are benefitting from an overwhelming variety of new products. These handy measuring cups collapse down to a fraction of their height and can handle boiling liquids. Likewise, the colander and funnel, with their camera-inspired designs, are a huge improvement …