Dunk Mug

Who doesn't love a little biscuit to dunk in his coffee? Dominic Skinner must because he designed this mug to hold them neatly inside the bottom. He was even smart enough to make right and left handed versions so there's no worry of losing your cookies while taking a sip. £14 at Mocha (sold out until January) via Urban Spy

Sarah Cihat

Fifty-Cents is Sara Cihat's creative statement about the importance of recycling and the ability to renew value of unwanted things. She finds used dishes, cleans them, applies new designs and re-fires them. The result is fun, funky and feel-good. via urbanSpy [ via Design Sponge ]

We Are Happy To Serve You (Over and Over)

You love your morning coffee in that classic New York deli cup, but lately have a pang of guilt about wasting the paper. Problem solved– Exceptionlab (creators of treehugger.com) brings you the same cup, seam and all, in ceramic form. $12 at The Museum of the Moving Image