Scented Crying Candles by The Jacks

The young Korean designers make melting animal faces and human brains adorable

We’ve seen our fair share of handmade scented candles and thoughtful containers, but it’s the ones hiding a devious personality underneath that really go the extra mile. PyroPet’s cat and bird forms (which reveal a metallic skeleton inside) are a favorite—but we’ve now found another brand that successfully blends the cute and macabre. These candles, from new Korean company The Jacks, are shaped like ears, …

Upcycled iMac Pet Bed

The ’90s stay alive—for your animals at least—with this upcycled iMac pet bed. This isn’t some nostalgic reproduction, this is the actual shell of a candy-colored computer hollowed out to make room for a cozy nook for a small dog or cat.