Bob Kramer by Zwilling

A master craftsman's line of carbon steel knives for at-home chefs

The term “Master Bladesmith” may stir images of medieval men hammering steel on anvils, preparing for battle. Yet visit the workshop of Bob Kramer, one of only a hundred certified such experts in the world, and you’ll find a modern craftsman at work, renowned for his custom-made carbon steel blades—which regularly sell for up to $26,000 per knife. For those without Batali-deep pockets to afford …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Cut Brooklyn: Knifemaker Joel Bukiewicz

The man behind Cut Brooklyn shows us what goes into his beautiful, high performance kitchen knives

In a small studio in Brooklyn, novelist-turned-knifemaker Joel Bukiewicz crafts knives of the highest quality under the label Cut Brooklyn. Our video visits Joel in his studio and watches the exceedingly rare craft of cutting and sanding steel to perfection.

Ashworth Turtle Knife

With the holy trinity of male essentials (phone, keys, wallet) bulging pockets already, adding anything to the roster is tough. To that end, having a pocket knife may not be very fashion forward but its usefulness is undeniable. The new Ashworth Turtle pocket knife is small enough to carry and well-designed. It's a good choice for those looking for something more subtle without compromising usability. …