Contest Winner: Katana Series Knives by Calphalon

In our recent post on the Katana Series Knives by Calphalon we asked you to send in your favorite kitchen mishap to win an 8-piece set of these great knives (featured on the right). It was a close call. Highlighted by inadvertent slices and dices to various body parts, maggots, festering meats, potato plants growing in cubbards, ruined meals, a few sexually deviant acts, scary …

Schaschlik Knife Block

Designed by Martin Robitsch, the Schaschlik knife block holds your blades without having to worry about fitting them in the right slot. Made from bamboo skewers, you can keep your equipment neat or mesy– whatever suits your kitchen style. $110 at Greener Grass Design via ssukotto

Voodoo Knife Holder

This one hit my sick sense of humor right in the sweet spot. Cast in ABS, its morbid brilliance is the creation of Raffaele Iannello at the Italian firm Viceversa. I can't yet find any information on where to get one, so if you know please share. Thanks, Rachel!