Cool Hunting Video: Rockwell Unscripted for Knoll

David Rockwell shares the details of the brands' latest collaboration

When Knoll was looking for a design partner to collaborate on a collection of furniture that suited modern work styles and environments “there was only one person to call, and that was David Rockwell,” says Benjamin Pardo, Knoll’s Creative Director. Two very different sensibilities that may at first not seem like the most obvious partnership leverage the design firm’s expertise in theater, play, co-working and …

Eero Saarinen’s Two-Seater: the Womb Settee

Knoll overcomes structural issues to bring the 1940s design back into production

The story behind Eero Saarinen’s classic 1948 Model 70 Womb design is simple: Florence Knoll wanted a chair that felt like “basket full of pillows.” While most might immediately think of fluffiness and volume, the Finnish-American furniture designer (and architect behind the architectural marvel that is the TWA Flight Terminal at JFK Airport) had a sleek and suggestive style. Saarinen created a shell shape that …

Cool Hunting Video: Knoll Remix Line

A new line of office chairs built to follow the organic movements of its user

The Knoll team recently showed us a preview of their latest beautifully designed furniture line: the Remix family of chairs. Teaming up with Formway Design, Knoll produced this line of high-performance office chairs with a focus on conforming to the natural, active postures of its user, while providing optimum comfort in its form.