Korean Ingredients at NYC’s Reception Bar

The zero-proof section of the cocktail menu is a particular reason to visit

From the outside, newcomer Reception Bar looks like yet another drinking hole in NYC‘s Lower East Side—fitted with floating orb lights, shades of peach and timber, plants in the circular windows and curved doorways. But one night exploring the menu proves Reception Bar is a sanctuary for people tired of classic cocktails or even alcohol in general. Owner and self-starter Katie Rue has developed cocktails and non-alcoholic elixirs …

Glow Recipe: Natural Korean Beauty Products

With a focus on real watermelon, these potions and lotions will hydrate and boost your glow

Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, the minds behind Glow Recipe, have brought their favorite, hard-to-find Korean skincare products to the US market—all of which incorporate tech and ingredients that aren’t typical in most department store items. Their in-house line, Glow Recipe, is made up of just four powerful products (as Lee and Chang spend a bulk of their time researching how to approach skincare effectively …

“Like Poison” Cap

The Korean phrase (dok-han-nyun), translated to “poisonous bitch,” is often used as a derogatory slur for womenespecially when they don’t “act their gender.” Embroidered here in blood red, this is a cap that reclaims the “nasty woman”-esque smears and seizes agency back. It’s the debut product from female designer team G.Intl.