Land Carpet

Cover your floor with satellite views of agricultural fields

For anyone who’s ever been mesmerized looking out an airplane window at the patchwork patterns of fields below, the Land Carpet recreates the manmade beauty of the arial views on your floor. Designed by former architect Florian Pucher, the 100% New Zealand wool rugs use satellite images to represent different continents and countries, with fields of varying heights lending a surprising tactile and visual element. …

The Best Neighborhood

The Water Rats Theater Bar, Brea's Burgers and the classic diner on our favorite block

What do the old water tower, gutted apartment building and eclectic bar have in common? Good Magazine recently asked photo narrative fanatic Pictory to sort through their expansive library of images for a visual walkabout of an ideal neighborhood. We’ve picked our some of our favorites, showing the variety of places and people on the average neighborhood block.

Yvonne Jacquette: The Complete Woodcuts, 1987-2009

by Ariston Anderson Known for oil paintings offering aerial perspectives of New York City, over the past 22 years accomplished artist Yvonne Jacquette has also lent her talent of capturing compelling cityscapes to the art form of woodcuts. Building a collection that now includes 18 woodcuts, a retrospective of her work is currently on view at the Mary Ryan Gallery in Chelsea. Once assuming a …