Skin by Shelley Jackson

Writer Shelley Jackson has invited participants to have one word (in classic book font) tattooed anywhere on their bodies. That word will be from the story titled Skin, and the full text of the story will never be published. It's up to the participants to find each-other and compile the story, if they're so interested. Less than 2 months after putting out the call for …

Lingo Phone

Another really useful SMS application, Lingo Phone offers language translation services. via Emily at textually.orgTo use it, just send a text message to +447833770938. Prefix the message with the translation you want to perform. Use the prefixes listed below: E2F English-to-French E2G English-to-German E2I English-to-Italian E2S English-to-Spanish E2P English-to-Portuguese F2E French-to-English G2E German-to-English I2E Italian-to-English S2E Spanish-to-English P2E Portuguese-to-English


Last month I started a weblog for Otis. Friends thought I was crazy. I believed them. I took it down. With the help of Takara’s Bowlingual, a device that translates barks to english, dogs might actually generate their own blogs. As noted in The Register, all it will take is someone to handle the transmission.